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Ancillary Coverage


Group Dental

Over 55% of all businesses offer dental insurance either totally or partially paid by the employer. All dental plans emphasize preventive care while many provide coverage for major procedures and orthodontic.

**(PPO) preferred provider organization plans available. A smaller network of dentists who participate have agreed to accept lower reimbursement for services, thereby lowering employees' out-of-pocket costs.**

Coverage Options:

  • Diagnostic and Preventative Care - Including oral exams, cleaning, sealants, X-rays
  • Basic Dental Care - Including filings, extractions, denture repair
  • Major Dental Care - Including crowns, implants, dentures
  • Orthodontics
  •  Provides 1 routine annual examination (refraction). 


Group Vision


Vision plans can be either voluntary or employee-paid.

  • May provide payment for the cost of lenses, frames, contact lenses, but not the cost to replace frames or lenses that are broken or lost. Does not pay for safety or sunglasses.
  • It does not pay for medical expenses resulting from disease or injuries to the eye. 


Group Life


Group Life insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment are incorporated in most employee benefit plans. The amounts can vary widely from employer to employer but most often you will see two formulas for the amount of benefit:

  • A percentage of an employee's annual income typically 1, 1, or 2 times.
  • A classed approach with different amounts for each class, typically including:
    • Owners
    • Officers and Management
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