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Collaborative Insurance Solutions: Solutions That Fit Your Needs


CIS realizes the value of your employees and understands that their happiness and security benefit the entire company. With insurance constantly changing it’s difficult to know if you and your employees are adequately covered. Picking the best group benefits partner for your company is of utmost importance. Your group benefits partner has the ability to make everything run smoothly for you.


Sales oriented insurance companies are common when seeking out coverage. At Collaborative Insurance Solutions, we believe in a consultative approach to your insurance. CIS understands that each company’s needs may be different, and with a consultative approach CIS is able to design insurance coverage to meet your company’s specific needs.


At CIS we make it a point to get to know our clients. Understanding our client’s goals and hardships helps us to better serve their needs. We know that company’s needs change, and CIS is dedicated to working with clients to continuously develop and adapt their insurance plan.


The insurance industry is continuously being reformed, and CIS makes it a point to keep their clients up to date on any changes that may affect them or their employees. With CIS you can rest assured knowing that we will always keep you abreast of the latest healthcare reform. The process entails a variety of components.


     Consultation for group benefits. CIS will design group benefits to fit your needs, as well as make recommendations to fit your company.

     Analyzing and interpreting of all reports.

     Evaluating administrative standards.

     Guidance for best practices for your industry.

     Assistance in evaluating the market and selecting a provider.

     Comprehensive assistance on negotiating renewed policies.

     Expert analysis of policies and care.


Collaborative Insurance Solutions’ account management team is dedicated to helping you take care of all claims from start to finish. The account management team will take care of enrollment, termination, as well as any modifications that arise.


Our insurance plans cater to your needs, and can include everything from health reimbursement to wellness plans. CIS insurance programs are designed to protect and serve your needs in an easy and seamless fashion.

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